2015 Highland games

On a chilly Friday night we all departed out to Boxwell for our second annual highland games. After breakfast on Saturday we began our ‘’ scouty games ‘’. Which consisted of an orienteering course, lashing projects, obstacle courses, and Scottish relay races.

img_6354     img_6357

img_6364   img_6372

After the games we had a delicious dinner of red beans & rice with sausage and cornbread. And after dinner we had our dutch oven dessert contest which the whistlepigz won.
Then we had a wonderful campfire ceremony, directed by George. And finally we had our Scottish highland games.

img_6415   img_6419  

img_6430   img_6448

Our events were the keg toss, the hammer throw, the stone throw, the caber toss, and a game of tug of war. our overall highland game winners by patrol were Franky, Gabe, and Lubos, and the Scottish spirit award went to Cooper. Todd got the win for the adults. The games were lots of fun and are a tradition we should keep.

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