2016-11 Backpacking at Big South Fork (otters patrol)


This was a pretty challenging backpacking trip. We went long distances and we we had many creeks to cross. It was quite a trek.

At the start of the trip, Friday night, my patrol camped at Station Camp. After we got done with cracker barrel we were really tired, so we went to bed at about 10:30pm, knowing that we had to get up at 6:30am to get on the trail.

When we got up Saturday, we broke down camp and had ramen for breakfast. As the cook, I didn’t get to eat until my ramen was cold… Bad idea. The trail was pretty difficult, but we had no injuries or problems. We had a hearty launch of cheese and summer sausage wraps, Pringles, apples, and Oreos. Delicious! We got back on the trail and we had to change into water shoes a few times for the creek crossings without man rocks to step on. We passed the Whistling Otter Pigs about two miles before we settled down to camp for the night. That night we had pepperoni pasta for dinner with cheesecake for desert. We had our fire ceremony, got to bed and slept very well.


Sunday morning we broke down camp, had oatmeal for breakfast, and started back on the trail at about 7:20am. We wanted to get done earlier than the day before, so we pushed ourselves. The part of the trail we did Sunday was more level than the day before, so we were relieved that it wasn’t as hard as it had been. For lunch we were supposed to have trail tacos, but that didn’t work out because we didn’t have tie to collect water, pull out pots and start up camp stoves, so instead we had cheese and sausage wraps again since there was plenty left.

At the end of the hike everyone was nice and tired, we were looking forward to getting home!

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