2017-9 Kayaking @ Percy Priest Lake

I LOVE these kinds of trips-very fun and informative. We started off by getting to the church at around 7:30 AM on Saturday, then we arrived at the lake at around 9:00. We picked our kayaks, and headed out. We had a good time paddling though Bear Island on to our lunch spot, on Hole In the Wall Island. During lunch we realized that our patrol (patrol b) was missing our camp kitchen! This could have been bad, but we decided to improvise and use our own utensils for prep work and a bandanna for a cutting board. From there, we agreed on a campsite.


We set up camp and gave ourselves some free time before kayak instruction. During instruction, Lubos taught us how to capsize, get out of that kayak, and how to rescue it. After that, we had huge fun playing capsize wars.




By then, it was time to start dinner, we had pepperoni pasta and cheesecake in a cup (a personal favorite). After that, we had campfire (riddles! jokes!) and got to bed. Next morning, we had breakfast, packed up camp and got on the water at about 10:30. we boated around a good bit of the lake, and had lunch at a small island. it had been a while since we saw the other patrol, so it was good visiting and having some time with them.

We were about 45 minutes to an hour from the little island to the marina, so we wanted to get there fast! When we got to the marina and packed up the boats, we were all happy we went on this trip! We then drove back to the church. tired and happy.

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