2018-09 Grimes Canoe Base

As I’ve said before, the canoeing or kayaking trips we do are always my favorite! This one Just backs my point up more.

We left the church at around 5:45 in the evening, we arrived at the base around 8:00 and got started on cracker barrel. Soon after cracker barrel, we got situated in our tents, which were surprisingly well built with tin roofs and solid oak. The logical next step was to go to sleep, and that’s just what we did.

Saturday is when the fun began! We woke up around 6:30, had a hearty breakfast of eggs and sausage, then prepared to go up to the lodge. At the lodge, we were given basic instruction then loaded up in the vans to go out on the water. When we finally got to the Buffalo River, we unloaded our boats and started out on the water. The river was pretty rocky, and there were plenty of downed trees that some of us ran into, but it was fun. For lunch, we went to this spot that Grimes owns right off the river, complete with a cornfield and swings. The second half of the day we did 7 quick miles, some of us got caught in trees but we were able to quickly get back up and running. When we got back to camp, some of us cleaned up and started dinner, which was a chili cook-off and a fire ceremony afterward. Soon after the ceremony, we were exhausted and ready to settle down for the night, which is exactly what we did.

Sunday Was pretty simple, much like Saturday we got up and started breakfast imminently. Next up we got our gear and headed up to the vans to get on the water. We did the last 7 miles of yesterday’s journey all over again, so it went fast. When we were over with the journey, we packed up, ate lunch, and headed out. a lot of people were exhausted, so the ride home was peaceful.

I hope that everyone who went on the trip enjoyed it as much as I did. There were a lot of great experiences and stories to share. After all, we are the adventurous troop 3!

P.S. If anyone wants to share pictures from the trip, feel free to email me.

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