2018-10 Highland Games

It was another successful Highland Games for Troop 3!

The Games themselves were fun, as always. We had patrol activities on Saturday, which included the tripod lashing, the team skies, the 4-gallon challenge, the orienteering challenge, and the canoe challenge. On Sunday came the personal challenges. The weight throw, the sledgehammer throw, and our favorite the caber toss. In spite of how these things sound, no one got hurt and everyone had a great time.

Plenty of great food was shared during this trip! Our traditional dessert cook-off and dutch oven baking resulted in a flurry of amazing tastes. The Whistle Pigz, my patrol cooked a hearty  Dutch oven lasagna and a creamy tres leches cake. The Honey Badgers won the Cook-Off and were awarded the treasured Troop 3 Golden Spoon for their peach cobbler, in the end.

Stay well everyone, and remember, as they say on “So I Murdered an Axe Murderer,” “If it’s not Scottish its crap!”

P.S. If anyone wants to share pictures from the trip, feel free to email me.

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