2018-12 Winter Camp @ Boxwell

Troop 3 is glad to announce that we survived yet another year of winter camp!

This year was really fun! It was my first Boxwell Winter Camp experience, so I was exited what to see!

When you had free time from class, we had activities such as free shoot, zip lining, gaga ball, dodge ball, and magic competitions at the trading post, for example. We had fun around camp, too! We listened to stories, talked about what going on in our lives, sang songs and got nice and warm! The trading post was busy, as always, and there was always at least one Magic game happening at a time there. The food was mediocre, in my opinion, but meals such as the hamburger steak and mashed potatoes were pretty good! If I had a favorite class, I believe it would be motor boating, I love to go out on the water, and operate a boat too.

In the end, Winter camp was a success, and i’m glad I went. I had fun being with friends and doing activities I love. It was better than I expected Boxwell Winter Camp to be and i’m happy for that!

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