Troop 3 closed off the 2019 MBU season Saturday at Middle Tennessee State University. I personally like the MTSU MBU better than the TTU one, just because you can get in, and then out, quicker. Anyhow, this Merit Badge University went great! We arrived at about 8:30, got our paperwork and sat down, and were prepared for the opining ceremony in only a matter of minutes.

Class, in my opinion, went super well! This year I chose to go out on a limb, and do the  Programming Merit Badge. I learned many new things such as the HTML and Python Programming language’s basic functions, how a programming language reacts with the computer, and even first aid concerns with computers, such as eye strains. With Python, we coded an asteroid blaster game, and with HTML, we programmed a unit calculator! The software I coded wasn’t the flashiest, but I think it was pretty good for my 1st time.

Lunch was delicious! A lot like TTU, it was all you could eat, with plenty of pizza, burgers, sandwiches, cereal, various deserts, and more! (see photos below.) At the end of my class’s lunch, our merit badge councilor took us to the campus’s library’s makerspace. It was huge with a Mac lab, various 3d printers and wood printers, and VR computers.

After the back end of class, it was time for us to leave. Mr. Jeff and Ms. Jen waited for us as we all got back from class. We arrived back at the church around 5:30

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