9/13 Grimes Canoe Base

IMG_3667I liked this canoe trip very much and others did too. First around 5:30 PM we went to the church and started to load up gear and left around 6. The drive was about 2 and a half hours and we got to the Grimes Canoe Base. Once we got there we started putting up the kitchen and ate our crackle barrel (small snack for dinner). After that we set up our bed in the tents. The tents were little structures with canvas over the top with mattresses on the inside. Once we woke up, we started making breakfast and getting our stuff together for canoeing. on the riverWe got our life jackets and our paddles and got in vans to get the the river. We then set off on the river. We canoed for about 3 hours and then stopped for lunch and fishing.lunchbig fish Here we caught many fish that we ate that night.We picked up our canoed for another 3 hours with a few stops and got back to Grimes at around 4:00. river timeWe were extremely tired. Then we cooked dinner around 5:45 and the people that caught fish cooked their fish. We then ate and cleaned up. It was great. Then we went to this field and played a night game called slender. It is sort of like hide and go seek tag but creepier. After that, we had the fire ceremony and told some stories. After we went to bed and in the morning we ate breakfast. We then got all of our stuff and put it in the car. Then we drove another 2 hours and got back to the church. I loved the trip and I think every body else did too!


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