Bucks Mountain biking

Bucks Mountain Biking

Jordan's last trip as a scout:(

The Bucks Patrol went to Montgomery Bell State Park for our patrol trip in April. We had quite the mountain biking adventure.


Jojo the Bandito and Johan







The pollen was so bad in the pine forest that we had to come up with some innovative ways of keeping it out of our mouths.

imageWe started out with the easiest red trails and progressed all the way to the green, but left the hardest, the yellow for another day.



Almost everyone was really ready for this lunch time meal which was hidden away in a cache by Libor.


Lunch time

Of course, we are all about eating, so when dinner time came, we were ready to go again! Libor is preparing the steaks to perfection.

imageLibor the Meat cooker

We also had the luxury of some fine french fries.


Johan and Joseph caught some crawdads for appetizers.




and dessert!

Need I say more?


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