Canoeing at Boxwell

We arrived at the parking lot early Saturday morning hoping to go to Grimes Canoe Base. We were about to leave when Mr. Libor told us we were going to Boxwell to canoe, because of all the rain we were having. So, we set off to the lake on that cold wet morning hoping it would stop raining.

We arrived at Boxwell, but even though it was still raining, we put the canoes into the water. We started our float, but barely made it anywhere because our hands were so cold. I don’t think we went a mile before we stopped and climbed out of the water. We walked back to the cars and had our soggy lunch. We decided not to go back into the canoes partially because most of us couldn’t hold three fingers into the air.

The coldest scouts went to the cars to warm up, while the less cold scouts went to pull the canoes out of the water. Eventually, we were all in the cars and headed to the showers. Apparently, the showers were cold, so we dried off and changed. We then headed home, without even spending the night.

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