Current River High Adventure Part 2

The next few days we woke up early to go canoeing. There was a chance of storms throughout the week, so we camped at the campground instead of on the river. The first day we canoed 7 miles, the second day 16 miles, and the third day 26 miles. There were a few capsizes, but no one was hurt. We saw cave springs again but this time we paddled our canoes inside of it. We also saw a nice size waterfall, but we didn’t have time to go and check it out. By the end we were all tired and ready to go home. We had completed 50 miles.

wpid-IMG_20130601_183936_487.jpg wpid-IMG_20130604_100348_790.jpg wpid-IMG_20130602_162733_368.jpg wpid-IMG_20130606_080742_088.jpg wpid-IMG_20130606_094323_265.jpg wpid-IMG_20130606_094309_032.jpg wpid-IMG_20130603_105126_513.jpg wpid-IMG_20130606_104712_480.jpg wpid-IMG_20130606_104723_661.jpg IMG_1902 wpid-IMG_20130602_112819_928.jpg

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