Feeding The Hungry And Learning Lessons

Today during feeding the hungry, Mr. Howard Allen talked with us about the homeless life. He is doing a documentary about homelessness and wanted to talk with us about our thoughts as scouts. We asked questions like “Where would you find a safe place on the streets?” and “Do homeless people without families have funerals when they die?”

Mr.Howard answered all of our questions, and what he had to say was pretty interesting. He said, “There really isn’t a safe place for the homeless to stay” and “There’s a cemetery at – where they have a part of the field for homeless.” While I was relieved to know that the people who die on the streets at least got a burial, it was sad to think of them being buried alone.  Homelessness seems like a lonely way to live, and die.

I learned a lot from Mr. Howard and I’m glad we talked with him. I think it made us all appreciate what we have.

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