fiery gizard

we got to our campsite at dark. We unpacked our tents and set them up. the next morning it was terribly cold! We ate breakfast and  started on the hike.


we saw some beautiful sights from the over looks. we stropped at a nice place to eat lunch and refill our water bottles.


then we started hiking again. the bucks and otters went on ahead and the honey badgers stayed behind and went slower. the honey badgers made a mistake and did a loop around a hill, but they found their way back on the trail.we saw more over hangs and cliffs.

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After that it started to get harder and we had to climb some steep hills. we eventually arrived at the camp site and we were relieved that we could make a fire!



we set up camp and ate and told zombie stories around the fire. the fire cerimony consisted of ghost stories and skits. we all had a good time. in the morning we packed and went on a short walk to look over the cliff.

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then we went on our big hike. it was a challenge, but a great success!

248 228 222 243 265


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