Frozen Head Post

IMG_0374Frozen Head Trip, 9-21-13

We met at the church at six o’clock when it was still dark and raining. We packed our gear in the cars after eating delicious sausage and biscuits made by Miss Becky. The ride was about two and a half hours but it seemed shorter. When we arrived it was raining still, so we put on our rain gear and some scouts set up a pop-up tent to stand under so Miss Helen could talk to us about the trails that we were about to go on for the ten-mile hike. We decided to go on the hike first because the rain would clear in an hour or so. After we were briefed on the hiking trails and safety, we walked to the trail head. The hike was moderate but there were some steep places. We hiked about 5 miles to the place we would have lunch, which was a large rock overhang with a table under it, which was an Eagle Scout project. After we ate lunch, we hiked up a hill to the observation tower. That short hike to the observation tower was the most strenuous part in my opinion. It was rewarding to get to be on the observation tower. It was cool and misty because we were in a thick layer of fog. Nothing could really be seen because of the fog but I know it would be an excellent view if it was a clear day. We then began our hike down the mountain. On the way down, we saw an old well house covered in moss and later an old dynamite shack.
After the hike, we set up our tents while others set up the camp kitchens for each patrol. After everything was set up, a lot of us were told to look for firewood. While the Honey Badgers were preparing to make their pizzas, we collected as much firewood as we could, but it was either soaked with water or rotten. After we had diner, we tried to make a fire, but it goes out, then Libor steps in and makes a huge fire. After the fire got going, we started the camp fire ceremony and had fun, then we went to sleep. The breakfast was good the next morning. The Otters had breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, and sausage. The Bucks had oatmeal, but I don’t know what the Honey Badgers had. After breakfast, we just had fun looking for salamanders, newts, and crawfish in the creek, and climbing up roots sticking out of a dirt drop-off. After packing up our things, we were going to go to a waterfall to swim and have fun but on the hike up there, we realized it was almost time to go, so we turned back. We got in the cars and left. We shortly arrived at the church, put up the gear, and put out the perishable food for the scouts to take. Soon, the parking lot was empty and everyone had gone home.

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