May Hiking Trip (written by Nazz)

We are scouts, we were confident that this could get done due to our innumerably amassed cache of merit badges. We arrived confidently at Percy Warner, and the younger scouts soon departed on their own, smaller trek. We were going on a longer trek since we are older and far more experienced in the ways of hiking. We made it over the first big hill over by the horse track feeling victorious. We knew how to do this, we’re Troop 3, after all!

20160507_140928                           20160507_125427

Then…. we got lost and couldn’t find the rest of the trail we supposed to be on. We’re all so conditioned to eat a mandatory banana that Mr Reuben was fishing around in his backpack for the bananas and we missed an important sign (this might not be why we missed the sign). Later after we crossed Old Hickory Blvd. we finally found the trail again.


Later on, we had a good meal of bagel sandwiches, Pringles and Oreos for lunch and ate it at the Edwin Warner Nature Center. After that, we had an easier trek back to where we parked. The younger guys were waiting for us in a pavilion when we arrived in shame (but with several more miles than planned under our treds). We got back into our assigned cars and returned to the church.

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