October 2014 Boxwell Highland Games Trip

Last October troop 3 decided to make a journey over the pond to rustic Scotland (Boxwell) for some classic Scottish rituals to put some hair on the young boys chests. We departed on a cool October Friday evening driving into the past of manly heritage. Once we arrived at Scotswell we rather leisurely set up tents and camp kitchens for a night of cracker barrel and cheap drink mix. After a bit everyone decided it was time to hit the hay and returned to their tents for a good night of sleep. The next morning we rose bright and early somewhat ready for the obstacles of the day. While the cooks had breakfast brewing, my assistant and I, Collin were recruited to set up a treacherous orienteering course/ scavenger hunt. After we returned with dew soaked shoes the day officially began.

IMG_3643  IMG_3646

My assistant and I refereed the first round of games because we could not participate in the obstacle course, since we set it up. After that we joined in on the canoeing, carrying machines and obstacle courses. After the day was coming to a close we began dinner and a beautiful array of desserts. The dessert competition was won by none other but the whistlepigz who masterfully crafted a tres leches cake. After dinner the clean up captains got to work and everyone gathered around the fire to preform skits, tell stories, and good ol’ fashioned flag burning. After the ceremony was over everyone returned to their tents for another good nights rest. The next morning was  the beginning of the highland games.

Highland 2    img_4254(1)

Everyone ate a hearty breakfast and the day began. there was log tossing, shot put, hammer tossing, and at the end of the day, a vicious tug o’ war. Of course the scouts came out on top and after lunch we packed up and departed. Farewell Scotswell, until next year.

Highland Games    img_4269(1)


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