Picasa Web Albums

Troop 3 has been using Google Apps for our email for some time now. Log into your Troop 3 email here. We have recently updated to a new version that allows us to use Picasa for photo sharing. This will allow us to share the photos from our trips more effectively and will make it easy for us to upload the photos to our website. You should have access to your picasa once you have logged into your email account.

The photos uploaded to this album will have a watermark with our website on them.

Here is an example of what the web albums will look like when uploaded to a post.


2010-06-05 14.30.19.jpg2010-06-05 14.50.40.jpg2010-06-05 17.50.30.jpg2010-06-05 17.50.56.jpg2010-06-06 12.38.26.jpg2010-06-06 12.38.20.jpg2010-06-05 09.34.05.jpg2010-06-05 09.08.16.jpg2010-06-05 09.07.42.jpg2010-06-05 08.01.18.jpgEric and Antonin.jpgRuss and canoe.jpg

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