Sipsey Wilderness

Honey Badgers

All of the patrols and parents going on the trip meet up at the church at 5:30 to split food and check packs. We all got into our cars and we were off!

Once we got to the Sipsey parking area we ate our cracker barrel (lots of snacks) in the cars. after we ate we put on our packs and headed down the hill to the trail head. We found a rocky area that we could stay at for the night and decided to stay there.

when we woke up in the morning it was very cold!


We took down our tents and ate oatmeal. as we started walking it got warmer, and warmer, and warmer, until we were sweating!


we met Libor at a stream and he helped us get across.


Soon we saw the Otters at the other end of a knee deep river. Yes, we had to cross it, and it was very very very cold. once we all got across we sat and dried off and ate snacks. But we had to keep on going, so we crossed a few more streams and did a ton of walking.

20140119_10414020140119_104135 - Copy

then we ended up at our campsite. we all set up tents and collected firewood Raleigh and I ( water-men ) went down to the river and filled up water bottles for everyone and filled up pots for dinner. soon after, we had dinner, mashed potatoes and pork. It was delicious! Our fire ceremony turned out well and we then told stories. After that was lights out. we woke up early in the morning and i had to go get water again from the cold stream! Breakfast was good and we after that we were off. we hiked for a long time until we came upon Alabama’s biggest tree, and a beautiful waterfall. As we explored the waterfall and caves we found many huge ice sickles. we then climbed up the steep hill that led to a strait trail that was pretty boring, and at last we got to eat lunch.after lunch we stayed on the trail and ended up at the trail head.

      We were exhausted! When everyone got there we left and got back at the church at about 8:00. And that was it for our Sipsey Wilderness trip!

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