Rock Island

This trip was a success. For their first troop structured trip the new honey badgers did a great job, and as a whole this was one of the most successful trip. on a warm humid Friday night we arrived at Rock island. When we got there we set up camp and had cracker barrel. On Saturday we split up into our groups and got into our kayaks. My group went to Rock island first , where we did our capsize drills.

IMG_2609  IMG_2612

There we got really cold, because the water was warm and the air was chilly. Later, the sun came out and we had lunch. After lunch, we got back into the water and had a game of kayak tag. Then we all met up and did our little river trip.

IMG_2606  IMG_2605

The next day we had a quick breakfast and went off to the waterfall for some swimming and rock hopping.

img_6032   img_6035

That was awesome! 

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