Savage Gulf Report

We arrived at the campsite at 9:30. We had to set up camp quickly because we had to be back from our 10 mile hike before dark. We hiked for about 2 and a half miles then stopped for lunch and to fill up our water bottles. Some people took a short cut back to the campsite, and the others kept going. We kept hiking, turned around and headed back. We got back well before dark. Everyone did great but Lubos got blisters. When we returned to the campsite we started collecting firewood. We had Pho for dinner and pudding for dessert. Then we told stories around the campfire and went to bed. We woke up the next morning and had breakfast. The new scouts worked on advancement requirements. We packed up our tents and loaded up most of the gear into the cars. We then went to all of the campsites to pick up trash for our service project. When we were done we ate lunch, which included Horace’s popular deer summer sausage, loaded up the rest of the gear, and went home. The campgrounds had a strange smell but otherwise it was a good trip. Everyone appreciated the heated restrooms.

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