Skiing in North Carolina

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 We started out taking a long 5 hour drive up to the Cataloochee Ski Area. On the way up we stopped at Taco Bell. You can get a lot for $5 dollars, and I think everybody liked it. We stayed at Lake Junaluska. We arrived around midnight, but most stayed up until one. We hit the slopes the next morning, and it took almost 2 hours for everyone to get their gear. We thought that it was very unorganized compared to Paoli. I thought that the slopes were much better here, but harder for beginners. Unlike last time, we left out equipment in the room designated for people who come from Lake Junaluska. Some stuff was stolen, so we didn’t like the idea of not checking your equipment back in. We went to sleep around 9 to 10 the second night.

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We were skiing earlier the next day, because we didn’t have to check everything out again. We were off the slopes at  2:30 and ready to leave. On the way back we stopped at Wendy’s and a rest stop. I think most people were tired and ready to get back home.

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