Tick Prevention Info

As everyone prepares for the upcoming High Adventure trip &/or summer camp at Boxwell, here’s some good info about tick prevention (see attached brochure).  The ticks are supposed to be bad this year, so extra precautions are a good idea.
In addition to using regular bug repellent, I highly recommend treating clothing with permethrin.  I do this each summer for our family & it makes a big difference during extended outdoor trips & activities.  It is sold under several different brand names. At Bass Pro Shops they sell a version made by Sawyer.  I’ve also seen it made by Repel.
IMPORTANT:  Permethrin & its other variations are intended for use on clothing & gear ONLY.  They should not be used on skin.  The bottle will say this clearly.  Clothing should be sprayed & then put in a sealed plastic bag overnight in order for the solution to permeate all layers of fabric.  The next day, hang clothing on a clothesline outside until completely dry.  Once dry, it is odorless & harmless to humans/pets.  However, care should be taken when working with the liquid form – wear gloves & spray downwind.  Once dry, the protection lasts through approx. 6-10 washings.
See you all soon and stay cool!
Helen K.
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