Trip to Mammoth Cave National Park April 5th, 2014

First, we arrived at Mammoth Cave National park. We set up tents and then ate lunch. The group that was going to the cave on Saturday got ready and left to go to the cave. We left to go to the visitor’s center and got on our coveralls and helmets. Then, we got on the bus.


A few minutes on the bus and we got to the cave’s entrance.


The cave was awesome. There was many tight squeezes and small climbs. IMG_0436IMG_0466IMG_0452IMG_0459

At one point in the tour we turned off our lights and stopped talking. It was COMPLETELY dark and quiet. It was crazy! While we were gone, the other group was setting up an orienteering course for us that we would all do on Sunday.


We got back to our campsite and had dinner and a campfire. The next morning, we did the orienteering course and the other group left for the cave tour. For the orienteering course, we used our compass and map to find items around the park. While the other group was gone, we took down the orienteering course. When they got back we had a cracker barrel and started our trip back. In all, the trip was awesome!

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