Winter Boxwell 2012

We left from the church on a chilly morning. When we arrived it was, or felt, much colder. We waited to get our campsite number. We are always campsite 13, but something happened, and we ended up with site 5. We had also ended up with A-meal, which meant we had to wake up earlier. Camp was off to a great start! We got to our campsite and some people in our troop knew some of the guys in the troop camping next to us. Stories told that winter boxwell food was sad and just not as good as summer camp food. I, and everyone else thought the food was great. Maybe even a little better.

For the next few days, our schedule was: breakfast, class, lunch, free time, dinner, campfire, then sleep. Most of us got our merit badges completed or close to it. Our classes lasted three hours since we only had one a day. After lunch we either had free time or activities. We would go to the trading post, play soccer, or sit around the fire.

Most of us kept warm and dry… except for one night. The night it rained. Our tents were elevated on platforms, so we weren’t on the ground. That kept us warm, but we had nowhere to put the tent stakes, which led to problems with the rain fly covering the whole tent. Most of us got a little moisture in our tents, but in one of the tents, the boys were bailing water out of it!  It also snowed a few times, but none of it stuck.

Our bathrooms were porta-potties that were close to our campsite. Some boys from other troops did not hesitate to abuse them on the last day. You do not want to know what it was like. On the last day, someone had smered their fecal matter on one of our Sierra saws. This was discovered by one of the adults… after he used it. One of the adult leaders, to find out who did it, went to every scout, handing it to them, and telling them to smell it. He said someone had either poured apple juice or orange juice on it, and they wanted to find out which one it was. It was warmer that day so most of us were not wearing gloves when we picked it up to smell it.  The theory was that the person who did it would not want to touch it or smell it. We later found out it was nobody from our troop.

Overall we had a great trip, and everybody had fun. Our campsite was alright, even though we had site 5, and the food was great, even though we had A-meal. Nobody got frostbite, and nobody got hurt too badly. This was a very fun Boxewell Winter Camp.

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