Wistlepigs Wipsey Silderness Patrol Trip

For our Patrol trip we decided to go to Sipsey Wilderness in AL but take a different route. We left the church and arrived at the trail-head well after dark shouts out to winter. We started hiking in and found a campsite but decided to carry on until we could find something better. We hiked for about 2 1/2 miles until we came across another unoccupied campsite. It wasn’t much better but we decided to take it anyways. We then had a wonderful cracker barrel of penguins and proceeded to  set up camp and turn in for the night. We woke up and had an oatmeal breakfast and broke camp and were ready to hit the trails at 9:00


We hiked for a good ways and found some neat-o stuff like a rock tree and a natural rock tent. We decided along down the trail that we would have lunch after the imminent river crossing which we eventually came to.IMG_20140308_080134_711

Lunch was bountiful as to be expected from whistlepigz. We hing around for like an hour and eventually continued on our journey. Our hike lasted a good long 15 miles and another river crossing before we came to a small but cozy campsite.


We set up camp and started dinner. while cooking we discussed the finer points if whistlepig lyfe such as nikes and defecation. We then enjoyed a wonderful meal cooked by Leo and Frederick and cleansed our palates with graham crackers. we hung around while Collin cleaned up and chatted before turning in for the night. We woke up in the morning and ate grits and dat crystal egg for breakfast before breaking camp. We hit the trails at the same time as the day before to continue our trek.



Our hike from there on out wasn’t too difficult except for some long uphill sections. We came to the logging trail where most of our second day hike took place. we came to a bridge and decided to stop and have lunch a little earlier that day. Our lunch consisted of nutella and peanut butter paper tortilla wraps and an extensive selection of cookies.


After lunch we got back on the trail. this was the longest, most dreadful part of our hike. We hiked for what seemed like forever. Eventually me and Leo decided to stop for a restroom break and never fully caught back up, but it didn’t matter,  we all made it back to the cars relatively soon after that. Overall the trip functioned very flawlessly and was a extremely fun trip. 9.5/10 would do again.


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